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Sanitary Disposal 

For all your sanitary disposal requirements. Call Us in Adelaide: (08) 8354 3844

Disposal Units

The importance of a good disposal collection service to commercial business cannot be overstated and mountain fresh hygiene has the perfect solution for your business. To find out more just call us on 8326 3929. 
nappy disposal units Mountain Fresh Hygiene Services Adelaide

Nappy disposal units

The nappy bins we provide our clients with are attractive 63L bins and have a modesty flap which allows for smooth opening and closing, providing the user with easy disposal of soiled nappies and also prohibits from view any soiled nappies within the unit. 

All of our nappy disposal units are fitted with bin liners that contain Sani Fresh granules.

ladies sanitary disposal units

Ladies Sanitary Disposal Units

Mountain Fresh Hygiene has a wide range of sanitary unit to suit all types of washrooms, Slime Line, Foot pedals and our Automatic Range.

Our new Slim Line Units which fit perfectly between the wall and cistern, allow the user more room in the cubicle. We are also one of the few companies to use sanitary bin liners in all our units with our specially formulated Sani Fresh Granules. These granules continuously produce a delightful fragrance and because of their special formulation are the ideal treatment for odours in sanitary units.

all sharp removal service Mountain Fresh Hygiene Services Adelaide

Automatic-Lid Sanitary Unit

Our touch free sanitary units are slim line stylish, modern units that also fit neatly between the wall and the cistern leaving the user more room in the cubicle. The units are the perfect answer for business or persons with concerns of infections or germs which cross from person to persons. The units are fully automatic with a wave over inferred sensor, when a hand approaches the sensor from a short distance of 20cm, the cover of the unit will open allowing the user to place the item into the unit and after a short interval the units lid will close automatically. For your protection we also use bin liners and strong Sani- Fresh granules which help to destroys germs and eliminates unpleasant odours and any harmful bacteria.
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