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Hygiene Services

At Mountain Fresh Hygiene Service we are committed to ensuring our service and our products are working hard at maintain a good healthy washroom for you, your staff and visitors. To find out more just call us on 8326 3929
soap dispenser units Mountain Fresh Hygiene Services Adelaide

Soap dispensers

We have a wide range of soap dispensers and soaps from which to choose from, liquid, Foaming and Spray all come in hard wearing attractive units made from harden plastic and stainless steel and are tamper free. They all have a window for viewing level of product, some are refillable some have convenient packs. We can provide and install our soap dispenser into your work place and refill and service them on a regular basis. These units are designed to fit perfectly into all work place washrooms such as hotels, restaurants, health clubs and offices. 

hand towel dispenser units Mountain Fresh Hygiene Services Adelaide

Hand towel dispenser units

Our paper hand towel dispensers are made of hardened plastic and feature an attractive gray and white colour combination to be unobtrusive in your washroom. The units feature a window for viewing the content level, allowing replacement to be fitted promptly when required, and are lockable.

air freshener units Mountain Fresh Hygiene Services Adelaide

Air freshener units

These Automatic Metered Aerosol Dispensers with their LCD panel and high tech functions were designed to fit perfectly into all working environments and washrooms.

They allow your unit to be programmed to operate in 5, 10, 15 or 20 minute intervals, day or night. Cans of specially formulated air fresheners come with odour neutralisers and are CFC-free, as well as coming in many fragrances, like peach, melon, rose, apple, grape, country garden and lemon to list just a few. All of these are changed with a different fragrance each and every service.

anti bacterial seat cleaner

Anti-bacterial seat cleaner

We offer a new, easy to use Toilet Seat Cleaning System that ensures a clean toilet seat for the user.The specially developed cleaning liquid contains a high percentage of alcohol, which kills 99.9% of most common germs and bacteria. 

Easy to use and wall mounted, Toilet Seat Cleaner is sprayed onto the toilet paper provided, which is then used to wipe the toilet seat, the liquid dries quickly, leaving a pleasantly perfumed clean and germ-free surface for the user.

air dryers Mountain Fresh Hygiene Services Adelaide

Hand dryers

We offer an extensive range of the very best in hand dryers to suit all types of workplaces and their washrooms. Our hand dryers are all made with a cast aluminium casing with smooth lines for safety (which also helps with vandal resistance) and they all maximise performance to reduce drying time and electricity consumption and are all “no touch” super quiet and superfast dyers

Sharps disposal

All sharps removal service

The All Sharps Removal pack is the next step in making your workplace as safe as it can be.

Our sharps containers are made of tamper-free steel and have double locks top and bottom for complete safety. The removable container inside the unit is the safest and most hygienic method of collecting and disposing of used syringes such as those commonly used diabetics and injecting drug users.
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