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Sanitising Service

In order to maintain good commercial hygiene and to avoid the risk of diseases it is vital a clean and healthy urinal is maintained at all times.
wc sanitising units

Urinal sanitising

When it comes to servicing and cleaning your urinal we are environmentally aware and use only friendly approved products.

Our service starts with a Urinal Deep Clean, which is a complete cleaning of the whole urinal system with every service, starting with the trap/grate, this is where most of the organic build up starts which causes bad pungent smells to accrue. Removing the trap/grate and using our specially designed wire brushes to scrap and clean all waste and uric acid build up right down to the (S) bend leaving your urinal to function properly. Also removing any or all rust from the front and sides of the urinal.

A sanitiser refill dispenser which is designed to release a quantity of bacteria-fighting solution is placed in the flushing system or wall mounted which cleans, sanitises and deodorises every time the urinal is flushed, this achieves that clean, fresh, sanitary feeling as you enter the washroom.

wc sanitising units

WC sanitising units

An essential washroom cleaning product, our WC Sanitiser Hygiene Units are designed to also be fitted in the flushing system and are also filled with a liquid specifically formulated to sanitise, clean, deodorise and re-odorise all wetted surfaces. The presence of white, frothy bubbles in the flush indicates that the sanitiser is operating.
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